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[DEV] Kitten Mita #03

Hello, Guys!

It’s been too long since the last update in this blog and quite frankly, we miss you! I know it sound cheesy like you would expect of a blog post by an entity which wants to sell products to a customer, but no.We really miss you because, well, there have been… things, which occupy each of our team member’s mind, like Kuro who had some trouble with his family, and Ron’s day job which got him fully occupied and more that has got him sent to the hospital at least once. We had little choice, but still, sorry for the long silence.

Title Screen.pngDespite all the hardships, we can tell you that Kitten Mita is still strong in development. We have made good use of what time we have—Kitten Mita has developed significantly in the time space that we previously thought was not possible, given our circumstances.


Just how significant the development is, you ask? Well, from the end of 2016 forward until today, we’ve resolved a lot of technical issues present in the previous build, as well Kitten Mita’s original music score that is very nearly completed!

This time around, we’re also very excited since a handful of talented people joined our team! This is only appropriate, so let us introduce them to you:

  1. Chandra Oyuget Cheung

Chandra helped us tremendously in Kitten Mita’s musical score since Ryan (Dong Ryun) Lee stepped his career up into professional orchestra (Good luck on your journey ahead, Ryan!), and thus no longer able to help us in making original scores for Kitten Mita. Needless to say, we were sad that we’re no longer together in this journey in person, but his creations live on both in Kitten Mita and our hearts! Thank you for everything you’ve done for us, Ryan!

After Ryan’s departure, we were left uncertain in the hopes of finding talented composer with integrity, but not for long. In mid-2016, Chandra joined our team, and bizarrely enough he stoked the dimming flames in our spirit, even though we barely knew him when he joined!

We think Chandra is a very dependable person. We can trust him in the quality of his music for Kitten Mita, which we think are very competitive compared to most of today’s games. You may not believe me when us when we say this, but Kitten Mita now have a very colorful array of music thanks to Chandra’s ingenuity, which breathes a new life in each new chapter accompanied by a new set of his musical scores!

Thank you for your hard work until now, Chandra!

  1. Clea Leshlick

Clea is a very talented and capable composer, arranger, and sound engineer. Needless to say, their competence in music can hardly be questioned, especially in video game music.

Clea joined our team just in the beginning of February this month. Just how excited we feel when they joined us, well… let’s just say that we had a hard time keeping our jaws from touching the floor! One day Chandra messaged Ron in personal that Clea is going to join the Kitten Mita team and Ron pretty much went “Yesyesyesyesyesmmmmmyes” without hesitating… oh boy. Now, Clea is helping Chandra in mixing and doing some sound effects for Kitten Mita. I think Ron even shed a tear when he first heard Kitten Mita’s remastered musical scores which doubled, even tripled in quality!

We’re truly grateful for Clea’s contribution which helped Kitten Mita’s development in reaching new heights, as well as the invaluable experience and knowledge they shared with us which allows each of us to learn more about music and audio in general!

  1. Dhoom

Dr.Dhoom is a technical programmer who is agile and precise in what he does, as well as patient in listening to our (sometimes) unreasonable requests *cough*. Dhoom’s expertise has helped us tremendously in all things technical, which are especially helpful for Kuro since he’s now able to focus on other complex systems that needs to be done. Speaking of talents, Dr.Dhoom also has one that brings life to the party—playing the guitar. Combined with Chandra and Clea, you can probably already guess that music is a very dominant topic in our chat group~

Kitten Mita Nocturn Village Map.gif

That’s all for now! We’re very excited with all the new faces joining the humble family of Kitten Mita and the invaluable contributions they gave to the project. We hope that more good things will come this year, as Kitten Mita matures in its development.

Thank you for tuning in! We’ll see you in the next update!


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