[DEV] Kitten Mita #04 -Greenlit-

Hello, guys! It is time for another update and boy what an exciting update this is!

On 20rd of March, we finally made the leap to register our game into Steam Greenlight. That was our first time submitting something to Greenlight, so we were awash with a mix of anxious excitement in anticipation of receiving feedback on what people think about our game, and whether they want to play it.

Well, it turns out that our worries are completely unfounded as KITTEN MITA GOT GREENLIT IN ONLY 10 DAYS!


Um, yeah. We jumped out of our pants that morning, opening up Greenlight to reply to new comments and bam, there it is. Greenlit. Ho-ly-crap. Words are never going to be sufficient in describing how much this means to us, but… thank you so much, people! We made it with all of your help!


I was told that Ron and Kuro had already thrown a small party to commemorate the moment. Well, at least small only in number of people attending it. I heard the party was pretty crazy considering that it’s only attended by two people…

…It is a well-warranted celebration, though. None of us had expected to make it this far, but we did, so hurrah! Supercharged with energy and ready to give it our all to finish the game!

Right, we also have something else for you today, and that is the welcoming of our newest team member, Hans—a.k.a. the guy writing… translating this very article!

But wait, you might ask. Who is Hans and why is he doing the translations? Good question. We’ll go a bit further back to answer that.

Back in the day, Kitten Mita used to have another editor, –Aria–. She’s a Korean-descent woman currently living in Hawaii. She was a very dependable person, and we considered ourselves lucky to have her aboard! She’s very competent at what she does and responds fast to our inquiries. She also introduced us to a very important person! We never knew how it came to be like that, but again that reminds us of how lucky we were to have her with us!

Bearko Full Body HD.png

However, that didn’t last very long. Nowadays she works as an orthopedic surgeon, and while we’re a bit sad to see her go, we’re proud to see her make it! We may have gone our separate ways, but we still talk with her every now and then. To appreciate her contribution, we made Bearko in Kitten Mita, a tribute to her immense contribution to the project! Thank you, –Aria–!

After that, time passed, but we still have yet to get a new editor since our budget constrained our choices in who we can hire. But just hiring is not enough, apparently, as our new editor disappeared after only just a week… so yeah. Perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be.

Fast forward a few months later, the project was in a pinch. It was decided that Kitten Mita must get a new editor before 20th of March. In a desperate attempt with what little time available to call for backup, Ron called Hans, a late Graphic Design student who at the time basically had nothing better… well, nothing important to do, at all. But, Hans can translate things from Bahasa Indonesia to English, and he is known to be very good at it (so I was told), and recruiting Hans to be the editor was a logical choice. He accepted our invitation, although with the condition that he wasn’t (isn’t) able to work full time as he still has obligations with college.

So, what kind of a person is Hans?


First, his birth certificate didn’t actually say “Hans”—rather, it was a nickname that stuck from high school since Handaru isn’t exactly easy to pronounce and transcribe in his native tongue. To save the trouble of having to double-check his name every time it is written, he now uses the pseudonym “Hans” everywhere he goes. Well, except for legal purposes, of course.


The name isn’t without its own issues, however, as he is now often mistaken as a German…

What Hans does when he isn’t being the editor of Kitten Mita? Good question! As aforementioned, Hans is a Graphic Design student in a university in Bandung. He’s a little tardy in his studies, but he’s far from giving up—in fact, he takes this opportunity to find more about himself, and found himself he did.

Since he was little, Hans has been driven by some high standard as he’s exposed to pop culture that had only started to boom around the 2000’s. That’s all fine and dandy, you might think, but not so much when you aspire to create like Hans did. This put him in a creator’s slump… until college, where he met like-minded people with similar aspirations.

So, what Hans aspire to do, then? Well, he… I aspire to tell stories, and it is only last year that I decided that ain’t no standards gonna stop me. I did just enough to be able to tell stories by advancing my skills in drawing and writing. So far I’m satisfied with the results, but there are only rooms for improvements, which I’m looking forward to!

Sorry about that, I have to break the writing perspective a bit. Talking about yourself in a detached positions feels so weird, haha. It’s like… I don’t know, narrating yourself in the mirror, perhaps?

Anyway! With this renewed spirit, we’re optimistic in being able to complete the development of Kitten Mita. It is only right, as we want to deliver to you and answer your expectations about our game!

Thank you for reading this Devlog entry. We’ll see you again soon!


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