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Kitten Mita Update #6 -Special Announcement-

Howdy, folks! It is time for another Devlog and… well, we know this is getting old fast, but we have yet another special announcement to make. Again!

So this week, we’ve been making preparations for the Casual Connect Asia 2017, which is of course, going to be held in Singapore. Tickets, check. Passports and documents, check. Merchandise printed and ready to go… check!


Now all that is left is, well, confidence. More specifically, confidence that we won’t screw up too hard in the first event we’re going to be attending overseas. Well, we don’t plan to fail, of course. This is one of those rare opportunities in which we can showcase our work, so we’re going to give it our all!

Right. So, what’s been happening this week?

For one, Clea has mixed 2 musical scores just in this month, and the results are… well, we won’t tell you right now. Not yet!

What we can tell you now though, is that we want to put more emphasis in musical experience for Kitten Mita. Over the last few decades, it has been proven over and over that musical scores are one of the key factors that makes or breaks a scene, particularly the emotional ones. So even though we’re a small team, we’re not planning on making any compromises on the audio front, as long as it’s within our utmost current capabilities. But anyway, it’ll be in a separate update, so keep a lookout for those!

Oh, that’s right! About the special announcement… well, we really, really want to share this one right now but… after several deliberations from the entire member of the team, we think it might be best to put that off for the very near future. In other words: Soon™

A bit of hint, though—we’re absolutely hyped with this one.


This year has been super amazing for us at Eggion, and we sincerely hope it’ll be a fruitful year for you as well!

Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you again on the next Devlog!


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