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Kitten Mita Update #6 : Cascon Asia 2017 & Nocturn Village Theme

Hello guys, we have a new update here!

First of all, we are really thankful for making it through the Square Enix Collective platform. In the near future, we hope that we can develop and present to you the best quality of Kitten Mita. Now, shall we get to the first update right away?

We are currently participating in Casual Connect Asia 2017 which is being held in Singapore from May 16th-18th. This is our first time ever having a showcase abroad and we sure feel glad to have a chance to meet so many new people out here; both developers and players. We received a lot of feedback and helpful informations. You can check out the festivity of the showcase in pictures below:

Many people showed their love for the quality of Kitten Mita’s music. So, in this opportunity, we would love to present to you our most treasured theme song called ‘Nocturn Village Theme’. This song is composed by Ryan (Dong Ryun) Lee, a New York-based composer, orchestrator, and arranger whose hands are skilled in producing emotional and magnificent pieces. The first time we listened to ‘Nocturn Village Theme’, it blew our minds and we fell in love with it instantly.

Nocturn Village Theme

Aside from sharing a lovely piece of our theme song, we also have some fanarts to present. It is so unexpected that there are people willing to show their love by drawing characters from Kitten Mita. Personally, this is such a significant achievement for us! The fanarts we are about to show you are the handiworks of Yossy Firstia, Jeffin, M. Reza Arief Rahman, Theo Allen, Azumiaw, Eroji, richter_h, Rhie_rachmawati, and Anita Kartini. We send our greatest and warmest gratitude for those who appreciate Kitten Mita through their gorgeous art!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next update: More music and background making!


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