Kitten Mita Update #7 – Mixing Dancing to The Moonlight!

Hey folks! It’s been a crazy week since the launch of our campaign and boy did you make us proud! Your feedbacks have been immensely insightful for us, and we’d like to thank you all wonderful people for the positive votes as well!

Now, onto the update. What have we been up to? Chandra, the composer of Kitten Mita, has been making this piece of soundtrack called “Dancing to the Moonlight”. He took inspirations from “The Wind Sings of a Journey”, a song from the classic game that we all love, Legend of Mana. “Dancing to The Moonlight” turned out to be a little complex, however. The jazzy-feeling but relaxed atmosphere was a little tricky to craft, Chandra said.

On another news, Clea has been encountering some tricky situations while mixing Kitten Mita’s soundtracks. The game does feature a wide variety of genres, tempos, moods, and main instruments in the soundtracks, and the challenge lies in how to mix them right so that every piece reaches its maximum potential. This means that Clea can’t reuse a preset from another piece, or even use the same treatment in most cases. Still, the most exciting part about working with Kitten Mita’s soundtracks is the fact that Chandra has often managed to surprise us with his fresh and out-of-the-box scores from time to time. We never know whether the next piece he’d present to us would inspire us, make us shake our heads, simply smile, or even laugh. He’s just that good at this!

So, how about this particular piece we mentioned earlier, “Dancing to the Moonlight”?

Well, mixing this piece is only moderately difficult for Clea. It doesn’t involve that many instruments, and the raw audio files which Chandra exported for Clea were of good quality already. Thus the challenge would be in how to balance the instruments so that each of them only stand out when it has to, organizing sound frequencies, and enhancing the overall groove.

“Dancing to the Moonlight” tries to capture the nuances of Nocturn Forest, one of many locations Mita will travel to at one point in her journey. This forest surrounds a lake in Nocturn Village, and from various points you can see fresh, moonlit river streams.

That’s all for the update so far!

Thank you for your continuous support and feedbacks. They are very valuable to us, and we hope we can deliver the best quality in our game for you. See you on the next update!


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