We at Eggion hold our heritage in the highest esteem and as such wish to create a game that promotes our culture and shines a positive light onto Indonesia for the whole world to see. With Kitten Mita, we wish to inspire and to encourage people to chase their dreams. This should be evident in our art style. We purposely chose the coloring book style to add to the whimsical nature of the game. Its playfulness is to encourage a sense of adventure, and remind players of their youth.

Our goal with Kitten Mita is not only to create a game that is fun, but a game that can be in every sense art. We wish to break the limitations that have been imposed upon us, and exceed the expectations others have for us. We wish to change the world’s view of our culture, and challenge stereotypes, we want our game to be a beacon to other Indonesian developers, so that they know, they can create the game of their dreams in their own style. We wish Kitten Mita to be that success story.