Kitten Mita


The first running game project developed by Eggion using RPG Maker MV. The promotional game sub-titled Moon Chapter has already released free to play since August 15th. The full game itself is in middle of developing stage after gaining support.

A charming life simulation RPG brimming with story, interesting characters, fun mini games, and more. Live your daily life as Mita, the little kitten, on her journey to understand the meaning behind the mother’s true love.

You assume the role of Mita in a quest to find her ideal mother figure. However, what started as a simple journey suddenly goes awry when a mysterious rabid dog crosses her path. Rally the help of your friends, gather resources, and help Mita hone her skills through various mini-games in order to achieve her dreams together with her fellow companion!

The story is an adaptation of Indonesian folklore, Kasih Ibu yang Sejati with additional filler content, more character as well as side story and plot twist.


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Story and Synopsis

“The story began as the little kitten struck by the thought of what’s the importance of being a family. The kitten lives her depressing life under her evil mother influence. Unable to withstand her mother cruel treatment, she finally decide to run away and thus begin her journey… an adventure to look for new perfect mother candidate.”