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[CHARA] Edgar Mischievous Puppy

KMMC - Edgar


  • Loyal dog
  • Selfish brat
  • Straight forward
  • Aggressive and hot blooded
  • Always true to his hero code
  • Self claim : the strongest adventurer
  • Simple minded


Edgar claim himself as the strongest adventurer, savior of the weak, etc under the title Misc Pup (which is actually Mischievous Puppy shortened but Edgar never know about that fact). He always seems confident about himself.

According to the story from the old Kitten Mita : Moon Chapter, the elder of Nocturn entrust him with the job of stopping Luna midnight performance. Edgar quickly solve it by defeating Luna in a fight, which causes an uproar to the entire village. He soon faced by Luna fans’ wrath. Edgar only react by telling them that his action is just and for the sake of the village. He then leave the village disgracefully.

From his staying at Nocturn village, Schroedinger mention that Edgar loves playing hero. We learn that Edgar loves fighting and respect strong people when he challenges Master Rue. And he is actually strong, not just big mouth. It shown when he block Cyan’s attack, the legendary mad dog who instantly kill Mita in bad end, when he spar with Master Rue, and how he easily beat Luna.

First Introduced

Player need to wait until the 6th day before his cutscene appear. On 7th day, Edgar and Schroedinger will be available at Residence House.


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